The Big Ben Caper was a crime perpetrated by Professor Ratigan at some point before 1897.


Ratigan mentions the Big Ben Caper in his song The World's Greatest Criminal Mind, though next to no details are given:

« From the brain that brought you the Big Ben Caper,
The head that made headlines in every newspaper… »

The Big Ben Caper was also mentioned in the deleted extended version of the song as the “Big Ben Crime”:

« By scampering up and tampering with 
And hampering times and becoming a myth, 
Now comes the real tour de force!
Tricky and wicked of course!
The Big Ben Crime
Was fine for its time,
But now that I'm back again…
An even grimmer plot has been simmering,
In my great criminal brain! »

This implies that the Big Ben Caper involved modifying the clock to either not move or possibly slower, causing several delays for both mice and people. However successful it may have been, the Big Ben Caper was inferior in scope to Coup at the Diamond Jubilee that Ratigan was planning at the time.


  • However it went, it can be considered foreshadowing that one of Ratigan's past successful crimes involved Big Ben, as this would be the location of his final showdown with Basil of Baker Street at the end of The Great Mouse Detective.