Doctor David Quentin Dawson is a male sentient mouse.


Dawson is a British middle-aged retired army surgeon who, after the movie, becomes detective Basil of Baker Street's associate, friend, and assitsant.


Dawson is first and foremost a very generous, caring person. Nevertheless, he is somewhat slow-witted, and has been shown to be a little cowardly at times.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Dawson is a plump, short mouse with light brown fur, a dark brown nose and thick blond eyebrows and mustache.His most iconic outfit is composed of a white shirt with a high collar, a red waistcoat, a blue bowtie, a grey jacket and a golf cap matching the jacket.


David Q. Dawson was, for many years, a surgeon in the rodent British Army; he was part of the 66th Regiment, in Afghanistan, shortly before he retired and came back to London, intent on living a quiet life from now on. Little did he know that, after getting tangled up in Basil of Baker Street and Professor Padraic Ratigan's showdown, Dawson would become the detective's close friend and assistant on many a thrilling adventure!