Felicia is a (possibly sentient) female cat.


Felicia is a female cat who is under the control of Professor Ratigan. Ratigan owns a bell which he always keeps in his pocket, and which, if rung, immediately summons Felicia. He uses it to execute any of his henchmen that displeases him in some ways, as Bartholomew bitterly discovered.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Felicia is, from a rodent point of view, gigantic. She is, actually, extremely fat, probably due to the many unfortunate mice Ratigan fed her over the years. She has beige fur and wears a small purple bow between her ears.


The Great Mouse DetectiveEdit

Felicia is first summoned by Ratigan in the middle of The World's Greatest Criminal Mind, and is ordered to eat the drunken Bartholomew, who has called Ratigan a rat, something Ratigan loathes. Felicia is later summoned again after Fidget admits that he lost a clue to Basil of Baker Street, and ordered to eat the peg-legged bat; Fidget, however, puts up a fight and is able to stay out of the feline's stomach long enough for Ratigan to change his mind and order Felicia to spit him out. Felicia is later ridden by Ratigan's henchmen to Buckingham Palace, and is about to eat Queen Moustoria when Toby chases her away. She is last seen being mauled by the Royal Hounds.

European comicsEdit

Felicia reappears along with her master in 1987's The Rogue's RevengeShe appears in the various follow-ups to this story, as well as in The Return of the Beastwhere she is prominently featured, as Ratigan has decided to have her eat random honest citizens at night as a way to start a reign of terror. Her last appearance to date was in 2014 in The Da Vichy Code.


  • Although she does not seem to be sentient for the most part, Felicia does have a few lines in The Return of the Beast, suggesting she might actually be a sapient cat.