Hiram Flaversham is a male sentient mouse.


Hiram Flaversham is a toymaker of Scottish origins who owns a toyshop in London. He is extremely skilled at doing very lifelike automata, a talent he mostly uses to make animated toys. He is Olivia Flaversham's father, and was apparently once married.


Mr Flaversham is a very caring father, who is devoted to his job. Although he is no hero, he does seem to possess some courage, as evidenced by his standing up to Ratigan and refusing at first to go through with his devious plan (until Ratigan threatened to kill Olivia).

Physical AppearanceEdit

Hiram is a mouse bearing thick eyebrows, a mustahce and whiskers, all of a reddish brown. His fur is light brown, and he wears very large glasses. His typical outfit is composed of a white shirt, dark green pants, a red bowtie and a brown apron; this is the suit he wears while working. He also owns a a more formal blue suit with a matching bowler hat.


In spite of his prominent role, Hiram Flaversham did not make any other appearance after the original 1986 movie.