Queen Moustoria is a sentient female mouse.


Queen Moustoria, who had been ruling for 50 years by 1897, is the elderly and benevolent ruler of the Mousedom (the government of the rodent populations of the United Kingdom). She appears to have met criminal genius Professor Ratigan at some point, being able to recognize him at first glance; beyond which not much is known about her past. However, on the night of her Diamond Jubilee, Ratigan attempted to seize control of the Mousedom by murdering Queen Moustoria and ordering a robotic double of her built by inventor Hiram Flaversham to make him the new ruler. Thanks to the efforts of Basil of Baker Street, Moustoria was rescued in time. She later publicly honoured Basil for his heroic deeds, which made the front page of the London Mouse.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Queen Moustoria is a rather plump elderly mouse with light brown fur. Though it is mostly hidden by her clothing, she also has human-looking white hairs on the top of her hair. She wears various regal outfits, most of which are red, pink or crimson, and most often also wears the Crown.


After her debut in the 1986 film, Queen Moustoria has appeared in numerous European comics.