The Rogue's Revenge, also known as The Diamond Trap, is a comic story. 


Just as Doctor David Q. Dawson and Basil of Baker Street are about to leave for Scotland on vacation, they are informed that the "Bengal's Eye", a fantastic diamond owned by the Maharadjah of Rajkut, is about to be stolen in London. Basil and Dawson insist to guard the jewel themselves, swearing that only they can protect it. But during their watch, the Bengal's Eye is stolen in a manner baffling all comprehension, and Basil and Dawson are framed for the theft, and find themselves on the run from the stubborn Chief Inspector Lawless. They soon find out that the real culprit is none other than Professor Padraic Ratigan, who has escaped his fate when he fell from Big Ben by using his cape as a parachute.


  • An unofficial scanlation can be read here.